Dr. Mustafa Abdullah

Dr. Mustafa Abdullah

Dr. Mustafa Abdullah is a board-certified dentist with diverse experience in both family and general practices. He is focused on delivering quality care and surgeries to patients of all ages and medical histories.

Presently an Associate with Connexion Dental Care Group in Ottawa, Ontario, Dr. Abdullah diagnoses and treats a wide range of dental issues, performs general and restorative surgery, and educates patients on preventive care.

He earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Western Ontario and his undergraduate degree in Dental Surgery from the University of Modern Sciences & Arts Faculty of Dentistry in Cairo, Egypt.

With a global background and passion for serving underprivileged populations, Dr. Abdullah was a key participant in the dental convoys and free clinics in Egypt, and strives to deliver affordable, accessible dental care to his patients.

Specialties: General dentistry services, oral surgeries, preventive services, oral health education, patient collaboration, communications, restorative procedures, cosmetic procedures, general health and wellness, community engagement, rural dentistry, team leadership, mentoring, coaching.

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