Implant restoration

Dental implants are a popular treatment option for anyone missing a tooth or when multiple teeth have been lost. The implant can improve the health and appearance of your mouth and is a suitable long-term solution for many people.

Dental implants are currently the closest you can get to a natural, healthy tooth with today’s technology. They offer advantages over other treatments, including improved health and appearance. Our Orleans patients regularly comment on how their dentist gave them greater self-confidence and a better quality of life by installing dental implants.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

Where a tooth is missing, a small titanium post is inserted into the bone to act like the root. Once anchored, time is allowed for the surrounding bone and gum to grow around the implant to strengthen it. Compared to alternative treatments such as dentures, this allows you to recover much more of the natural function and strength of your teeth.

The process takes place in 3 stages. The first consists of the placement of the implant by our highly-trained surgical specialist. As bone heals slowly, 3-6 months is needed for proper healing to take place.

Once healed, the second stage begins with the attachment of small metal posts to the anchored titanium post. Finally, the restorative phase begins and we fabricate the new replacement teeth to place them on the implants and abutments.

When complete, you’ll have a healthy, seamless smile!

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